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How to Make the Best of a Government Shutdown

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Minimize Your Shipping Risk

What to Expect: Government Shutdown and Shipping Industry

During a Government shutdown the workforce within the government is separated into two groups; Essential employees and non-essential employees. This is where either a whole department shuts down or a little over half of its employees are furloughed. This can cause major issues with your daily shipping needs depending upon the department you are in and how long the shutdown lasts.

The logistics industry makes up more than 7.7% of the GDP and our economy is heavily reliant on its function. Business must go on as usual.

Imports and exports must continue. However, during a shutdown many of the functions that are known to be seamless can slow or halt altogether.

How to Maximize During a Government Shutdown in the Shipping Industry

Government shutdowns usually occur during the same time of year. Anxieties can run high during this time. Be prepared to be in the dark.

Use your skills of “Woosa”, meditation or whatever it takes to keep your emotions in balance. Many of the personnel that update and analyze information, answer phones or deal with inquiries are not considered essential employees and therefore will not be available for you to air your grievances.

Prepare your budget and your supply chain during expected government shutdown times.This may take the edge off. It is important to keep in mind that the effects of the shutdown may continue for a period despite its end. The longer the shutdown, the longer the recovery time.

Being prepared can give you an edge. As you create new businesses and acquire new clients it is important to keep a few things in mind that could help you close the deal or create value added services for your clients. You don’t have to be a sitting duck in challenging times of government shutdowns. Stay ahead of the pack and be proactive vs reactive!

Review the Action Checklist to prepare.

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