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Customer Service Vs Customer Strategy

Customer service is evolving into Customer “Strategy”. Clients are demanding more and more #transparency and #accountability from the companies who represent them. Thinking beyond the scope of taking a booking and getting the container onto the vessel is a vital piece to achieving the goals set for your team and clients in the ever changeable world of International Logistics. Critical thinking skills strategically focused on the end goals for all involved is crucial.

What do we provide when we shift toward adding strategy as a means of customer service to better understand our client’s needs? We provide an experience that empowers both of our companies generating long term healthy sustainable business together. In essence, we strengthen our collective trust. Bottom line is, people do business with people they trust.

“But, I’m just the logistics provider, I don’t know anything much about their product. My job is just to get it on the boat.”

You couldn’t be more wrong. Logistics should never be “JUST” anything. When a team member describes their #job as “just” I remind them this attitude.
Jeopardizes Us at the Same Time.
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